9th Annual Georgia W.O.M.A.N. Monthly Mixer's
National Small Business Week Conference 2023
9th Annual Georgia W.O.M.A.N. Monthly Mixer's
National Small Business Week Conference 2023

4 Workshops: Modern Technology Training Courses with Best Leaders

04 March 2022Speakers

The best speakers

The annual small business week conference luncheon is no eggs and issues but close enough. 

04 March 2022Business

4 Workshops: Modern Technology Training Courses with Best Leaders

Small Business Owners working together to strengthen the ecosystem creates a combined value for the

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26 February 2022Business

Just Elegant Events

The 8th Annual Georgia W.O.M.A.N. Monthly Mixer’s initiative is the only statewide business conference luncheon

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The best speakers

The best speakers

04 March 2022 Speakers

The annual small business week conference luncheon is no eggs and issues but close enough. 

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Chef Tiffany Moore

SSG(R) US Army

Chef Tiffany Moore's story is one filled with resilience and undeniable passion. Affectionately known also as Chef TiffMo, she brings joy to the lives of many through delectable food and memorable events. She graduated with honors from Auguste Escoffier Culinary Arts Program in Denver, Co. After eleven years of service in the United States Army, two cervical spine surgeries, and numerous other challenging setbacks; Chef TiffMo medically retired and was able to rise above it all to become a successful entrepreneur. Chef TiffMo uses the kitchen as means of healing, which also leaves guests feeling transformed as well with her culinary travel adventures throughout the world, with her culinary travel adventures throughout the world, where she focuses on the local cuisines and the magnificent stories behind them. Her food style is farm to table, using local, fresh, and sustainable products. Her philosophy is, "I am your connection farm to table, your palette is safe in my am your connection farm to table, your palette is safe in my kitchen. Let me nourish you; feeding you life and electrifying your well-being". She co-owns the Event Hall @Cascade with her mother Van Anderson. Event Hall @Cascade has been in South Fulton for 11 years. Chef Tiffany is graduate of Westlake HS Class of 2001 where she was school president and Miss JROTC. Chef Tiffany is also a contestant on the new TBS cooking show, "Rat in The Kitchen" S1 Episode 3 @Cherrifillio


Nicole Hughley

CONTOUR CNNECTIONS (godaddysites.com)

Nicole Hughley , wears a variety of hats. She is the founder and owner of Contour Connections Business Connections LLC previously known as Shaping Unlimited Possibilities LLC, a foundation created to build stronger careers for communities through, opportunities and areas of interest assistance with resume writing, through goals, strengths, opportunities and areas of interest.

Nicole is also the founder of non-profit organization Ladies with W.I.S.D.O.M, a ministry focused on empowering women. Her organization’s purpose is to foster insight, spiritual principals, discernment and obedience to God to foster obedience which leads to maturity. Her organization started off with a few women and now each event is filled to capacity.

Nicole has studied Business Management at Morris Brown College. She has served as an Human Resource and Management Analyst for 11yrs for the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. She proactively analysis administrative processes, streamlined administrative systems for management officials. She is also a frequent speaker at churches and university events. She has a member of Liberty Temple Christain Church, and been a frequent speaker and coach/counselor within the career transition community and often is found volunteering in non-profit career transition and faith-based organization Georgia Business Network,.

She is the mother of two handsome boys Jayden and Jackson. People are her passion, through teaching, counseling and ministry, God has guided her. God has kept her and He just keeps on blessing her!

Sandra Font

Senior Director Women’s Business Center – Metro Atlanta

The mission for the ACE Women’s Business Center is to empower women, minorities, and low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs through financial education and training. The ACE Women’s Business Center understands the needs of small businesses, both start-ups and existing businesses. We also know what it takes to successfully obtain small business funding. We know the challenges small businesses face, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide the training and support small business owners need to be successful. Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, and conveniently located in the heart of downtown Norcross, the ACE Women’s Business Center (WBC) provides a full range of services for women entrepreneurs at all stages of planning, implementation, and growth. Services are offered in English and Spanish.

Catheleane Steele

Director Justice for Girls

Cathelean Chambers Steele was an educator in Alabama for more than twenty-five years. Upon retirement she started her own business Smart Minds Inc., an after-school tutoring service.

During her tenure as an educator Cathelean served on the state- wide Social Studies Curriculum Committee and the Theatre Tuscaloosa Board of Directors. She is a Diamond Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where she served in several elected positions including Vice President. Cathelean is the program director for the national office of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and founder of Justice for Girls, a sex trafficking prevention initiative. Her work with Justice for Girls has allowed her the honor of speaking nationally. Cathelean is the recipient of many awards and the author of Smarty Arty, a children’s book.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, walking, and traveling. Her global travels include thirteen countries.

Cathelean is married to Charles Steele, Jr., President and CEO of the national Southern Christian Leadership Conference. She is the mother of two daughters, Lekeisha (Cleveland) and Charla (Desmond). Her proudest achievement is being the grandmother of Carson, Cruz, Harper Grace and Paige.

Killian Jansen

Law Student University of Georgia

Jansen Killian is a native of Vidalia, Georgia. She graduated from Montgomery County High School in 2018. Focusing on small business relations and government policies, she attended Georgia Southern University. There, she majored in Political Science and minored in Economics. Jansen graduated early with high honors and a distinction in leadership in December of 2020. During her undergraduate career Jansen was very involved on and off campus, serving in multiple leadership positions and spending much of her time involved in grassroot outreach to engage voters. Jansen is now a first-year law student at the University of Georgia School of Law and is expected to graduate in 2024.

J'Lyn Furby

Director American Kinetics LLC

Meet J’Lyn Furby, the charismatic founder of the W.O.M.A.N Monthly Mixer's and Director of American Kinetics LLC a full service, minority public relations and marketing firm. “I’m not one of the supply chain owners, I’m a major player,” she explains. "I’ve been at the forefront, volunteering our business deliverables and communication services."

For the past five years, Furby has been a fierce and passionate advocate and effective activist under the Gold Dome. “I’m definitely one of the essential Legos in the Georgia box, she opines. “There are multiple organizations pushing for the same legislation for different reasons and they want to see different outcomes, and so for me, I testified and said I wanted to see Georgia moving forward.  What that means is opening the doors to this industry to minorities, women veterans, and we’ve done that. It is now actually changing my life.”

Michele Dunn

Capitol Affairs, Inc.

Michele is a graduate of Georgia Southern University and holds dual degrees in both public relations and communications. Her graduate studies include Indiana University-Purdue University Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management. Her extensive career experience includes association management, legislative representation, grassroots organization, and association development. She has successfully worked with organizations and associations to provide governmental representation at the state and federal levels. Her clients have included cities, counties, foundations, associations, and corporate entities. She has successfully championed appropriations allocations, including healthcare, biofuel and bio-feedstocks legislation, transportation projects, and land management use issues. She was the lead lobbyist- through Capitol Affairs, who ushered in the last five Medical Cannabis laws including the most recent which legalizes cultivation in Georgia. Her work with rural Georgia resulted in the formation of the only regional association to represent non-urban areas of the state. Her knowledge of how associations work and how to best represent their issues is due to her over thirty years of experience in the industry.

Dr. Debra L. Clark

Founder and President GreenSHADES Community Inc. Atlanta, GA

Debra Clark leads her company’s operations providing project leadership, business development and management for the planning of alternative, sustainable housing solutions.

She currently heads the Back2EDEN EXperience initiative which trains and equips entrepreneurs with business development and product creation and showcases container homes and community models built with sustainable technologies of green energy, agriculture, water conservation and wraparound services.

Additionally, she is the Executive Director of Green Career Services LLC which provides environmental consulting to corporate businesses, and organizations who want to implement eco-friendly best practices in the workplace. They provide various career development opportunities for job placement and entrepreneurial training for residents living in underserved urban communities. The consulting implementing the 8R’s of Recycling processes to reduce the carbon footprint in the sustainable best practices.

Debra was the Creator and Oversight Development Director of the 752-acre GreenSHADES Eco-Village; a $25 million prototype Green community which incorporated urban sustainability with eco-friendly building designs, materials, architecture and emerging Green energy technologies.

For eight years, Dr. Clark was Creator and Founder of the highly successful environmental awareness campaigns, “Going the Green Mile,” “Get Your Hands Green,” “Go Green Now,” “ZERO Waste by 2020 and Senate Resolution 901- “Health2Wealth” Initiative which birthed the Back2EDEN EXperience encouraging us to incorporate environmental education, and sustainable best practices where we live, work and play.”

While still tending to her present endeavors, Debra continues to spend her time, gifts andtalents in Community Outreach by serving several challenged Atlanta area apartment communities.

Dr. Debra received her BA, MS and PhD and an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity to support her work in counseling and life transformation services to those transitioning from trauma and untoward situations.

Janna Johnson

Worship Pastor Abiding Church

Craig & Janna Jones are the founding and lead pastors of Abiding Church. They moved their family to Atlanta in 2014 to plant the church God had laid on their hearts.
As a Minister of the word, Pastor Craig is gifted at presenting God’s truth in a simple and powerful way that reaches beyond the walls of the church. He is passionate about leadership & developing the potential in others, and this can be seen in every aspect of his life & ministry.
Craig & Janna have strong musical backgrounds that have shaped the worship culture at Abiding Church into a passionate & energetic expression of excellence & anointing.
Craig and his wife Janna have 2 children: Sophia & Grayson.

A word from our pastors...

God has given us a love for people and a passion to see lives transformed. We have all been created for a purpose and we know that our purpose is to pastor a life-giving church. In fulfilling this calling, God has led us to Georgia to embark on the journey of our lives. Throughout our years in ministry, we have served together in many ways: we have helped lead churches, have ministered in worship across the nation, and have shaped the lives of hundreds of students through a school of ministry. We are more excited than ever before because we know that our 25 years of combined ministry experience have all been leading up to this moment.

Pamela A. Bridgeman


I’m Pamela. I am a United States Air Force veteran who has spent the last 36 years serving individuals making their way through tough times. My mission is borne out of the biblical passage Isaiah 61:1-3. The charge is to bring healing, liberty, comfort, and reparation.

I have surrounded myself with highly skilled, caring, experienced counselors and therapists. We are a diverse team with unique talents, training, and personalities.

It might sound unbelievable, but I knew I would become a social worker when I was 15 years old.

I saw the compassion of a family friend toward a weeping unwed pregnant teenager and my heart longed to become that kind of comforter. Here I am all those years later doing what I wanted to then – helping others find joy.

I provide support during times of transition and adjustment to new life circumstances. Like when your daughter, whom you still consider to be your little girl, leaves home to go to college. Or the death of a loved one.

I offer counseling for emotional distress, and I teach ways to improve mental health. This includes treating Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, and other emotional struggles using treatment options designed specifically for you.

I am an Air Force veteran that experienced terrorist attacks while stationed overseas. Two people died in one of those attacks, and several close friends were trapped for hours in the bombed building.

Because of those memories, I understand and specialize in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) focusing on combat-related trauma.

I treat sexual abuse-related trauma, and domestic violence-related trauma, as well.

Michaelah Montgomery

Consultant & Strategist

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Gaudelia Baltazar

Founder of Fit Fab Fun & Financially Independent LLC

She has been active in our community supporting diverse wellness events that involves both health and wealth. As an indefinite active US Army Nurse and Licensed Financial Professional she has been providing educational outreach which focuses on health maintenance, prevention and early planning for many life events -which if not addressed and prepared for- may be detrimental to the health and financial stability of individuals, families, business owners in the community, state and national level. As a member of World System Builder, she has dedicated over 10 years serving as a National Campaigner for Financial Literacy -providing national and global awareness and free community workshops with goals to help reach 30 million families together by year 2030-properly educated and properly prepared. As a proud Georgia resident and entrepreneur she hopes to ontinue 'GROWING TOGETHER WITH YOU' while enjoying her life-business journey!!!

Dr. Velita L. Streat

Speaker, Author, Actress, Spiritual leader, and Counselor with a prophetic voice.

She holds a Doctorate of Apostleship in Divinity and a Masters in Biblical Studies from the Institute for Teaching God's Word Theological Seminary, Rockdale, Texas. She is certified in Crisis counseling from The American Academy of Crisis Counseling, Rockdale, Texas.

As a native of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Streat has served in ministry for thirty years including a tenure from 1999 - 2009 as co-founder and associate pastor of Dayspring Christian Center & Biblical school in Desoto, Texas.

As an instructor, she designed and taught a certificate course of study in Angelology & Demonology. As an Associate Pastor, she prepared multiple sermons regarding joy in living life in the spirit and the supernatural power it exudes.

Dr. Streat currently resides in Atlanta Georgia and is a member of Unity North Atlanta Church under the Spiritual Leadership of Pastor, Rev. Richard Burdick.

Dr. Streat shared the speaking platform at Unity North Atlanta in 2016 with Rev. Richard, a recorded inspirational talk entitled, Hijacked into Paradise From a chapter in her self-published book, "How to live off nothing...but look like a million bucks" also, displayed in the Unity bookstore, depicting a lifestyle of Faith in God, peace, Spirit energy "Prana" dwelling in a fresh utopia of Manifesting, beyond your wildest dreams!

Dr. Streat's passion is to ignite A ‘paradigm shift’ about the unification of cultures and religions for the purpose to bring healing, to the Self, Wholeness, Peace, and Love to humanity. Presently, Streat's work has advanced in Authorship, her New book release 2021 entitled;

" The Watchers" speaks of the Celestial realm of angels 'among us' and the overall endowment of Power of the spiritual nature within, for this new age. The ability to "See" graduating from the natural 20/20 vision into the Supernatural view, behind the universal screen…!!

Dr. Streat currently serves as guest speaker for the Happy Science – Atlanta Japanese temple Minister Bob Imai and Founder Ryuho Okawa

Memberships & Affiliations:
ATKOG/ CTN Ministerial Fellowship alliance of Torrance, CA - Atlanta Chapter - Founder Bishop Milton Herring. Serving on the Board of Directors for "Women of Worship" Fellowship in Him Ministries, locations in Ennis, Texas & Houston, Texas - since 2011 Founder, Rev. Mary Estrada.

Monica Nakia Ellis


Monica Nakia Ellis, was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Miami, Florida. As an adult she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career as a dental assistant. Soon after graduating and working for a short period of time in the dental industry, she was diagnosed with Discoid & Systemic Lupus at the age of 27.

Although, Lupus was a foreign word to her, Monica, made it her mission to educate herself about this disease, so that she could live a normal life while raising her 5 year old son.

Just this past December Monica, went into respiratory failure, was on a ventilator, in a coma for three days, spending fifteen days in the hospital and after being released she has been undergoing dialysis. She is very hopeful that she will not be doing dialysis in the near future. Monica, has survived Covid-19 in 2021 and is thankful & blessed to be alive.

Monica Nakia Ellis, on behalf of Lupus Matters Corporation has received and accepted many awards, the very latest ones being the Proclamation from Douglas County Mayor Rochelle Robinson this April 28th, 2022 and the Women of Triumph Award from W.O.M.A.N. this May 4th.

What makes these accomplishments really phenomenal is that they come on our milestone 5th year anniversary month. On May 10th Lupus Matters Corporation will be celebrating their 5 years as a 501(c)(3). This day is also World Lupus Day, followed by Lupus Matters Day May 14th. The month of May will be full of excitement.

The mission of Monica Nakia Ellis and Lupus Matters Corporation is to promote Lupus awareness, healthy eating and movement.

Finding a cure because LUPUS MATTERS!

Lakisha Robinson

Founder of Make Lupus Look Good Inc

Lakisha Robinson, is the founder of Make Lupus Look Good INC. She has had multiple strokes and struggles due to this unpredictable disease. She birthed Make Lupus Look Good INC in 2020 to help newly diagnosed patients find enlightening information and resources. Her nonprofit also donates sunscreen and umbrellas to patients with Discord Lupus. Our patients have benefited from our handmade wigs designed by our organization.

Royal K Cleaning Services LLC, was established after Lakisha, had two amazing boys diagnosed with Autism. One of her son's suffers from a behavior disorder which requires certain cleaning abilities.

Royal K Cleaning services has helped parents in similar situations with Cleaning hacks to help them navigate through their day.

Learning to bid and become supplier for the Government has been the highlight of Royal K Cleaning services.

Lakisha's, entrepreneurial endeavors didn't stop there. She formed Embroidery Buy K LLC, which was originally a hobby of hers. Not knowing that posting social media content of embroidering her children's clothing would be in great demand. Three months later, the demand for her embroidery services would flourish into a full time business.

While advocating for Lupus, she met an amazing woman suffering from Lupus as well. Both women took their Passion and dedication for advocating to the next level. Two Lupie Chix Foundation INC, was then created and their mission is to give a voice to the voiceless. Therefore, creating video content and interviews has built friendships and testimonials across the world.

Althea Heart

Actress & Singer

Althea Heart an American actress, singer, host and businesswoman. Her career in the entertainment business began in 1999 when she came in as third runner up in the Miss New York USA pageant competition. This made 17yr. old Heart one of the youngest top five finalists. Next Althea went on to train professionally at the Broadway Dance Center in NY where she studied ballet, jazz and tap.

Heart appeared in numerous music videos as a featured model, working with Puff Daddy in “Let's get it” video, Ja Rule “I cry”, Ashanti’s nemesis in “Foolish”, R Kelly “Fiesta Remix”, Jamie Foxx “Unpredictable”, Pharrell “Angles”, Lil John “Snap your Fingers” and was also the face of 2002 Reggae Gold album cover. All this hard work led to Althea landing a record deal on Foxy Brown’s independent label, ILL NANA Records through Def Jam Music Group.; She released a single called "Ghetto Love.” Althea was featured on the Cradle to the grave soundtrack and Murder INC.’s artist Cadillac Tah “I Gotcha Ma”& single; which received VIBE 2003 Hot News Singles Award.

Smooth magazine, King magazine just to name a few of the plethora of print publications Althea was privileged to be featured in their Celebrity edition as the up and coming artist to look out for as she was quickly on the rise. Shortly after all the music video appearances Althea embarked and pursued a career in singing and acting.

Many people don’t realize before the fame Althea recorded an album which was never released, after signing a developmental deal with Def Jam records. With her initial signing money, she self funded her real estate career. This has always been what kept Althea grounded. Being a successful real estate investor put her in a great financial position to pursue all her career dreams.

Although Althea is mostly known as a cast member of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta; mostly appearing on the show with her former fiance, hip hop mogul, businessman, and restaurateur ‘BENZINO’ in 2015. Since the breakup with her fiance Althea keeps thriving as a real estate investor and since family is still very important to her she began to develop a seasoning line for her son who’s becoming quite the popular Chef. Althea & Chef Zino have their own seasoning line as well and Chef Zino continues to also support and promote his Dad’s lobster & crab seasoning. She also continues to thrive as a singer and actress. You will be seeing Althea on the Big Screen in the Box office film “The Andre Rison Story” in the role of Business Woman Music Mogul “Pebbles Reid”.

Family, Business and Entertainment are the three values Althea Hart puts in the forefront along with giving back to the community and supporting the Veterans and VA recipients in the home buying process. It’s important to Althea to be that beacon of light in the eyes of her son, the community and the one who makes everything possible her Creator.

Janelle C. Moore, M.S

Ph.D. , 2nd year research student
Morehouse School of Medicine
Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences

Janelle Moore is a graduate from Clark Atlanta University, where she received her undergraduate Education in biology and her Master of science in biology Cancer Research. With the guidance of Dr. Bowen, her PI, she did experimentation on the African American male who battle with prostate cancer. His research was titled “Establishment of CRISPR/Cas-9 Aided Knockout of the ZIC2 Gene in the African- American Prostate Cancer Cell Line E006AA-PR.” This collaboration was later published in Georgia Science Journals and school libraries across the country.

Janelle was diagnose with SLE lupus at the age of 18. Due to her battle with lupus all through college, Janelle took a gap year after graduating with her Masters of Science degree and decided to work as a school teacher in science. She later was accepted to Morehouse School of Medicine, where she is pursuing her PhD. In biomedical science. In February 2021. Janelle lost her husband after seven years of marriage due to COVID-19 complications.

Prior to her husband Bobby passing, Janelle and Bobby, had a nonprofit called the Atlanta Enforcers that catered to the Atlanta community giving young men opportunities through semi-pro football to stay off the streets and prepare them for post-secondary options after high school if they were not immediately accepted into college or trades. They were given preparation to make resumes so that they could get Jobs and footage of football film to later be drafted into a school or another Football League of their choice. Everything was free of charge.

The heart of Crystal was birth. In honor of the passing of her husband. And to continue. His legacy. In her own way. On August 27, 2021 for Bobby’s birthday, Janelle created a back-to-school drive in his honor to cater to over 850 students in the South Fulton area. Book bags were prepared and given to each student, families received gift cards for food, a barber gave free haircuts for the first day of school and partnered with Ashley Furniture hope to dream organization where 100 beds were donated to families in need. It was an amazing success.

The mission of The Heart of Crystal LLC is to meet the needs of underserved communities. We provide the necessary tools to facilitate outreach among parents and students by delivering information on opportunities to receive supplies for school, meals, resources to apply for post-secondary options, resume building, and donations of needed equipment and supplies.

As a central feature of the program, we provide a dynamic hub of information, resources, and networks for those interested in addressing the unmet needs of the underserved around the metro Atlanta area. We provide opportunities that align with their skills, passions, and beliefs through a network of high- impact partner organizations. The Heart of Crystal LLC cultivates collaborations with academic institutions, corporations, foundations, government, and non-profit entities to inform the community of supplies needed for the community.

By identifying existing needs and persistent barriers, The Heart of Crystal LLC creates a forum to work towards needed social change. By providing resources and recognition to the large numbers of families already engaged in such outreach. The Heart of Crystal LLC contributes to the community, offers inspiration and resources to strengthen the culture of the community.

Tiana Marshall

Executive Director & Founder
Tiana's Tea Inc

Tiana marshall is the co-owner of Tri-Part Investment, an investment company that specializes in property investments, interior design and residential redevelopment. She is co-owner of, Rambuild Construction LLC, a commercial and residential construction company, based inTampa FL, but operates in several neighboring countries. She is also the founder of Tiana's Tea, a woman empowerment group, that focuses on encouraging, supporting and uplifting women, enabling them to reach their highest God-given purpose and potential.

In 2005, Tiana with her husband, Ronald Marshall, began Marshall Construction Company, a small construction company, based in Tampa Fl and focused solely and building spec homes and small renovations and remodels. then in 2013, Tiana and Ron changed the name of their company to Rambuild Construction Company and focused on commercial and residential construction, as well as renovation and remodels. Currently the company is still considered a small business but has reached well over a million dollars in gross sales. Tiana is currently responsible for the new home build division of the company. she works closely with her husband to oversee and approve the design and floor plans of the new homes being built. In 2017, Tri-part investments was incorporated. The company was launched in 2018 and is currently taking new clients for interior design and she is currently working with Rambuild Construction to develop and design rental properties in the Hillsborough County area.

In 2018 Tiana launched a private social media, women's empowerment group called, Tiana's Tea. In 2019 she formed the small social media group into corporation and in 2020 she was established as a S01c3 Non-profit Organization. The organization grew from two thousand women to now over four thousand women in her private group, witha following of more than eight thousand men and women combined, in the various groups she has on different platforms. She uses non-tradional a supportive Sisterhood that breaks racial, economical and geographical barriers; this enables her to reach woman from various backgrounds. She currently hosts 4 signature Events yearly including annual Empowerment Brunch, A Relationship Panel, Fisht Like A Girl Breast Cancer Event,#ISURVIVED: The Aftermath of Domestic Violence, Food For Families and a Annual Christmas giveback. In addition, she uses social media at a platform to discuss issues affecting women by having Monthly FB Lives and Quarterly Tea Talks. She opens her home to host “Tea and A Movie Discussion” and so much more.

Tiana's Tea has gained national media attention for taking on the challenging task of hosting a Countywide Senior Prom in the midst of the pandemic, for Seniors class of 2020.

Her organization has also won recognition for the work she does in the community. She was the recipient on 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning Goal Getters Award. She has been the spotlight of "What's Good In Tampa Bay" on Fox News 13.

Those stories can be seen by clicking on the links below: https://www.fox13news.com/news/domestic-abuse-survivor- turns-lessons-learned-during-life-struggles-into-womens- empowerment-movement https://fb.watch/clyeSm4CAS/

Tiana Marshall is dedicated to seeing women healthy and whole. She is committed to promoting healthy relationships and interactions with one another. Her belief is that if women would communicate rather than judging each other, they'd be surprised to find out they have more in common than not. They'd be able to creating sincere and genuine Sisterhoods that enables them to share, support, encourage, push, pray and be there for one another in times of need.

Tiana Marshall is a graduate of Hillsborough Community College, where she was a Liberal Arts minor and Psychology major. She is a Master’s degree graduate of PCIE (Practical Christian Institute of Evangelism) and she is a certified Life Coach, a certified Medical Assistant and Medical Administrator as well as a Licensed Certified General Contractor. She sits on various Boards within different organizations. She is the wife of Ronald Marshall, the mother of Jamal, Shaniqua and La'Ron and the grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren, Paige, La'Ron Jr and Kyree.

Timothy Craig

Veterans Business Outreach Center
Georgia VECTR Center

Tim is the Director of the SBA’s Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC). Located in Warner Robins, GA., inside the Veterans Education Career Transition Resource (VECTR) Center, he is one of 22 directors across the U.S., teaching the SBA Boots to Business class; a free, 2-day, Introduction to Entrepreneurship curriculum. Traveling to 14 military bases in the states of Georgia and South Carolina, he instructs transitioning military, veterans, guard, reserve and their spouses looking to start, grow or expand a business.

He introduces participants to the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to launch a business, including steps for developing business concepts, how to develop a business plan, and information on SBA resources available to help.

Tim served 20 years in the U.S Air Force as a Program Manager before honorably retiring in 2003. His experience as a mortgage broker, real estate agent, and ten years as an instructor within the Technical College System of Georgia prepared him in assuming his current role in 2019. He and his wife started their own real estate company in 2004.

Minister Sharon Johnson Reese

Minister Sharon Johnson Reese was born in Atlanta, GA to James and Leila Johnson. She is the youngest of four siblings. One very close brother, William J Johnson and two sisters who have both been called home. Minister Johnson is a product of The Atlanta Public Schools; graduating from Booker T. Washington High school. She went on to graduate from Morris Brown College in Atlanta with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

From birth, she served as a faithful member of the West Hunter Street Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr Ralph D. Abernathy, where she grew up serving and professing a Living Savior. Many of those years she served as a Young Adult Ambassador and in any other capacity where she was needed. After her marriage to Glenn Reese, she joined him at the Fairfield Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, GA and was a faithful member until her husband’s death.

While serving as the Outreach Minister at Rock of Salvation Ministries in Porterdale, GA under Pastors Bruce and Robyn Mays, she received a calling from the Lord to become an ordained minister where she continues to serve and pray for those she meets. Minister Johnson is a devoted woman of God and works in the community through her outreach program “Delivering the Harvest International” where she provides services to Seniors, Families, Homeless and Veterans in and throughout diverse communities. She works tirelessly seeking those whom God has called her to work with and for; in the Atlanta and surrounding counties.

Terri Denison

Georgia District Director
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Terri Denison is the Georgia District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). In this role since May 2002, she is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the SBA’s financial, counseling/training and business development programs for small businesses throughout Georgia.Terri began her SBA career in 1987 as a Presidential Management Fellow at the Agency’s Washington, D. C. District and Headquarter Offices. Other positions included working with the Agency’s Minority Enterprise Development and One Stop Capital Shop programs and the Office of Field Operations. Terri has also served as the SBA Indiana Deputy District Director and Acting District Director in Wisconsin.

As Georgia District Director, Terri has been recognized by the Atlanta Business League, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Microenterprise Network, Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance, Atlanta Business Chronicle and Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas, Terri holds a B.A. Degree in American Government from Cornell University and an M.A. Degree in Urban Studies from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She is also a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia. Prior to her SBA career, Terri worked as the pro bono services coordinator at Neighborhood Legal Services of Thompkins County (NY) and graduate intern at the City of San Antonio’s Department of Economic and Employment Development.

Other personal interests include ballroom dancing, theater, and travel.